About Us

The Juvas team comprises of experienced professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the engineering industry. Our skilled professionals have extensive exposure in working with large International companies and complex engineering products. Our clients come from different parts of the world, North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Our two major areas of expertise are:

Projects and Design Engineering

Juvas Solutions has extensive experience in the field of solar energy and water pumping. We have several years of rich experience in building and delivering solar power plants both off grid and grid-tied. In the era of multiple complicated scenarios and needs, the Juvas team is able to deliver customized solutions tailored to the specific requirements of any customer.

Juvas Solutions also has vast experience in water pumping solutions and can deliver and engineer projects as well as products for lift irrigation, water treatment, construction, and deep well pumping applications.

We have developed solar pumping systems for various applications such as deep well pumping, drip irrigation, water treatment and irrigation. Juvas pumping solutions are highly specialized and efficient. Equipped with the latest technology to run in remote areas without much supervision, they can be customized for various field applications.

Market Engineering and Trading

Our team of experienced professionals in both engineering and projects can help you promote and market engineering products, especially in the Indian Subcontinent. South Asia is one of the fastest developing markets in the world. Our professionals come from different parts of the engineering industry and can market products for large Irrigation Power Projects, Hydraulics, Solar and Pneumatic Engineering and Automotive industries. With our expertise, the Juvas team can precisely position the product in the market and also provide information to product developers on the appropriate product for the market.

Juvas Solutions is currently marketing and trading large scale electrical products such as motors, generators and transformers in the market of one of the largest electrical companies in the world.