Solar Water Heater

ETC Based Solar Water Heater System

Salient Features

Solar Hot Water System turns cold water into hot water with the help of sun’s rays.

  • Around 60°– 80° C temperature can be attained depending on solar radiation, weather conditions and solar collector system efficiency
  • Hot water for homes, hostels, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, industries etc.
  • Can be installed on roof-tops, building terrace and open ground where there is no shading, south orientation of collectors and over-head tank above SWH system
  • SWH system generates hot water on clear sunny days (maximum), partially clouded (moderate) but not in rainy or heavy overcast day
  • Only soft and potable water can be used
  • Stainless Steel is used for small tanks whereas Mild Steel tanks with anticorrosion coating inside are used for large tanks
  • Solar water heaters (SWHs) of 100-500 litres capacity are suited for domestic application.
  • Larger systems ( > 500 liters ) can be used in restaurants, guest houses, hotels, hospitals, industries etc.

Technical Specifications of Solar ETC Water Heating System

  1. Inner Tank Material
    1. Stainlness Steel SS 316
    2. SS 304-2B
  2. Hot Water Tank Insulation Density
    1. High Density injected PUF insulation : 50 mm
  3. Tank Stand and supports
    1. Mild steel with anti corrosive coating / Aluminium extruded section
  4. Solar Evacuated Tube Dimension
    1. Double walled glass Outer Tube dia 47±0.7 mm, Tube length 1500±5 mm and Inner Diameter: 33.4 mm
    2. Thickness of tube at least 1.60 mm
  5. Tube Assembling Frame
    1. Mild steel section with PP coating / Aluminium extruded section
  6. Backup Provide
    1. Electrical heaters : Provided
  7. Tube Coating
    1. Copper coated tubes with selective absorptive coating graded Al-N
  8. Gasket for Flanges
    1. Gasket of Neoprene/synthetic rubber gasket shall be used for sealing the joints between flanges
  9. Thickness
    1. As per standard
  10. Size
    1. Available in 100 LPD – 5000 LPD